Temporary Sharing

Temporary Sharing

It is becoming increasingly popular for image sharing apps to let users send temporary images. These are pictures that disappear after being opened by the recipient. The development of this method has led to new types of image apps.

Perhaps the most well known of these is Snapchat which was released in 2011. This app allows users to send images to their friends which are automatically deleted after a short time. The app even informs senders if the recipient decides to screenshot it.

Temporary image sharing is popular with users for a number of reasons. It means that they can take pictures without the worry that they will be sent to unwanted people. They will not be made public and this allows the sender to be less self conscious.

These types of galleries are not just made for private messages. Users can also post temporary “stories”. These are also deleted after a period of time has elapsed. Temporary sharing helps to bypass any issues of disk space because the files are not stored permanently. However this method also means that it can not be used to keep important images.