Mistakes Photographers Make in an Online Picture Gallery

Mistakes Photographers Make in an Online Picture Gallery

An online picture gallery is essential for every photographer who wants to make a name in the industry. The kind of exposure you get when you have put your work out there can open up numerous opportunities if you are thinking of elevating your photography. Some of the common mistakes that photographers make with their online picture galleries are as follows.

Being Overprotective of Photographs

It is understandable that photographers want to protect their work from people who steal without crediting them. However, being overprotective and hiding some of your best work from the internet is counterproductive. You should consider putting a watermark on the photos and sharing them with the world. Who knows, you could have a remarkable picture that deserves to be on the list of some of the most striking photographs of all time.

Trying All Kinds of Photography at the Same Time

Think of your online picture gallery as a portfolio. People who visit your gallery should immediately know the kind of photography you are interested in. Attempting to be a jack of all trades will be confusing and is not likely to yield you good results. Identify an area that you are interested in and come up with thematic photos that showcase your niche.

Sharing Too Much

There is a thin line between being overprotective and oversharing. Not all the photos you take deserve to be in your gallery. Ask yourself what your goal is before you post any image online. The people scrolling through your page do not need to see dozens of photos that you captured of your cat unless your niche is animal photography. Even then, make sure that you are only sharing important photos that add value to your portfolio.

If you are just getting started, take some time to research some of the most outstanding online galleries and note what you could learn from them.