Wall Art and Online Picture Gallery

Wall Art and Online Picture Gallery

Do you like wall art? You can use wall art to provide instant aesthetic appeal for your home or office and make it complete. There are many ways to create wall art, like framing pictures, hanging a scarf or a hat, hanging potted wall plants, and many others. Creating the wall art by yourself takes a great effort it is interesting. This article discusses some of the free online picture galleries where you can choose your frame pictures for your wall art.


It is one of the most well-known and biggest online picture galleries. It provides massive storage of pictures with a simple and clean interface, which makes Flickr a pleasure to use.

Google Photos

It uses artificial intelligence to categorise the photos, which makes it very easy to get the photo you are looking for. Google Photos also has a great service for photo editing and sharing.


It is a free online picture gallery where you can upload your photos and share them with your friends as well as your family members. PhotoBucket also allows you to create a group album and share it with a group of family and friends.