Twitter and Facebook are considered the two most popular forms of social media. Twitter is a far more image based site. This is because it restricts the amount of text that can be written. Users often get around this by emphasizing images over words in their posts.

The company was first founded in 2006. Since then Twitter has millions of posts every day. These are referred to as “tweets”. These posts can have images attached to them.

Twitter does not have the useful picture organisation features that can be found on Facebook. However, one positive aspect is the site’s ability to share these images to a mass audience. This means that people from all over the world can view, comment on and like the pictures that are being shared.

However, some users may not like this capability. Some people prefer to have the more private features found on other image sharing sites. Users may also not feel comfortable with having their images being scrutinized by strangers.

To get past these issues there is a private setting that can be put in place. This means that only approved people can view a profile and access the images within it. However, to do this the user needs to change their default privacy settings.

If someone wants one of their images to potentially go viral then Twitter is the best site to use. This is because of the ease with which a picture can be shared between users. The site is well known for the number of high profile people and celebrities that use it. These people often have a large number of followers.

Therefore if one of these users finds an image that they like and share it then this increases the chances of it going viral. It is not uncommon for a picture to be shared by thousands of people on a daily basis.

People can also tag their images with a popular key phrase to increase its exposure. This is known as hash tagging and is a handy way of getting a picture noticed by the public. For instance, if oranges are trending on the site then a user could post an image with the hash tag “#Oranges” to increase the amount of people who might see it.