Tagging is a common practice when posting images online. Users are able to tag both the person being photographed and the place it was taken. If this is done on a social media site then the image can be automatically linked to a person’s profile page.

The development of advanced face recognition technology has changed the way tagging is done. It can now be an automatic process. In 2018 the site Facebook used this software for the purpose of automatically tagging.

More and more people are posting images onto picture galleries using their phones. These devices usually come with GPS capabilities. This feature can also be utilised for geo-tagging. The phone will know where the picture was taken and posted. The sharing site will then be able to automatically state this location without the user having to input it.

Generally speaking tagging is more the domain of social media galleries than broad image sites. If a person does not want to be tagged onto an image then they usually have the option of removing it. Some sites even require a person’s permission before the tag can become fully public.