One of the most important things that someone should do when creating a new online image gallery is to find a means of attaining revenue. Running these types of sites requires paying a number of ongoing fees. This can include maintaining the domain name, running the site and the use of servers.

There are several ways that online picture galleries can profit. One of the most common methods of earning money is through advertising. Many different types of companies are willing to pay a site to have their ads placed on them. One issue that can arise is the use of adblocker.

More and more people are choosing to use this software. To get past this the site can use adblocker detection programmes. This allows the gallery site to send a message to the user asking them to disable any adblocking software. That way the advertisements will once again be visible.

Another popular source of revenue is to offer a subscription service to customers. Users can pay a monthly fee in order to access a number of features. This can include being able to search through a database of images owned by the site. The customer can then use these images for their own projects.

Most of these subscription sites give potential customers previews of these images. They place watermarks on them. This is to stop people saving or taking screen shots of the pictures before they have paid for the service. Once they have paid the fee they will be able to use the unedited versions as they please.