Online Picture Galleries and Great Designs

Online Picture Galleries and Great Designs

If you are an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned professional, then having an online portfolio of your work is essential. Also called an online picture gallery, you can show off some of your best work to attract more followers or new customers. You will need an online presence such as a personal website and some links to social media such as Facebook, where your work can be shown at its best. For example, if your speciality is weddings, you can show how you document in pictures the whole process from the ceremony to the after-wedding celebration. This will show future clients what you are capable of. However, if you are an ornithologist, you can showcase your best snaps of wild birds.

Style and Royal Design

As well as having great fun setting up a collection, it can be a worthwhile and rewarding hobby. Think of the envy of your competitors if you capture that perfect wedding shot or photograph a bird rarely seen or snapped before. To be a photographer, you have to have a good eye and be a great designer to assemble your online gallery. Royal Design has much in common with the use of style and top-quality. That is why they sell products from some of the best European and Scandinavian designers in the world today. This elegance shows through in not only their choice of first-class items for the home and garden but in something such as cake stands. These elegant products from Royal Design are second to none.

Royal Design Cake Stands

This company’s website has a vast selection of the best cake stands around, and they are designed by such luminaries as:

  • Georg Jensen
  • Eva Solo
  • Lyngby Porcelain
  • Robert Welch
  • Nybro Crystal
  • Rosenthal

Among many others.

With around 55 products available to view and buy on their excellent site, you can be sure to find the perfect cake stand to meet your needs. Available in a wide variety of colours from brown, blue, and black to white, turquoise, and transparent, you can make the perfect choice to match your home decor. They are also made from a variety of materials such as:

  • Stainless steel
  • Porcelain
  • Stoneware
  • Plastic
  • Earthenware
  • Glass
  • Ceramics

Also available are a stylish selection of domes and cake plates to add that extra elegance to your home interior. All products are easy to browse using Royal Design’s excellent search and index system. And value for money and style are inherent in their products.


As you can see, not only photographers need to have an excellent eye for perfection. Designing a world-beating cake stand is just as relevant as composing the perfect photograph. And creating a selection of fine products is just as challenging as putting together an online gallery.